‘Annie’s Medley’

Chard 'Annie's Medley'

photo:Andy Hartley

Our very own blend of the best garden chards. It’s a fiesta of brightly colored stems - pink, red, magenta, gold, yellow, & NO WHITE. Gorgeous to look at in the garden where the stems light up in the sun like stained glass. Grows to 2’ tall. Leaves can be harvested as needed – make sure to pull the whole stem off to keep the plant healthy. Chard aficionados often steam the leaves & stems briefly, but I prefer to cook them 45 minutes (with garlic, paprika & cilantro) which renders them milder & with a silky texture. Not fussy about soil but does appreciate organic matter & fertilizer. Plant 8” apart in sun or part shade. Fall planted chard will bolt in the Spring & should be replaced at that time.

Anni J.

Sun-Pt. Shade
Avg. Water

All USDA Zones