‘Osaka Purple’

Mustard ‘Osaka Purple’

photo:Erin Martineau

One of the most admired vegetables in my garden. If planted in the Fall, the plants will grow vigorously through the Winter, becoming 15” tall and wide with deep purple leaves and white stems. Guaranteed   to become a conversation piece. When grown during the warmer months, the coloration is less intense but still very ornamental. Plant the seedlings 10” apart and keep them well fertilized and watered to ensure fast growth and a mild mustard taste. Full sun is best in the Fall, part shade in the Spring. A great Spring filler between Winter and Summer crops. Harvest the young leaves for a sprightly  addition to salads, or use them in stir-fries. Balance the spicy taste with sturdy seasonings like sesame oil and soy sauce.

Average Water

Annual All Zones
21 Days Baby
40 Days Mature