Cauliflower ‘Veronica’

Cauliflower ‘Veronica’

photo:Gene Dershewitz

Funky Fractals + Food = FUN! This wildly geometric, Romanesco type cauliflower dates all the way back to 15th century Northern Italy & loves the Bay Area’s cool climate. Producing  chartreuse, spiraled, tender, pointy heads 6-8” wide, it’s known for its deliciously tasty, sweet & mild nutty flavor. Some folks identify ‘Veronica’ as broccoli, since you can harvest outer spears while the center heads continues to mature. Space 18-24” apart. Rich, well drained, moist soil for best performance. Heat tolerant!   

Plant Nerd

Sun/Pt. Sun
Regular Water

Annual Vegetable
All Zones
85-90 Days