Dyckia platyphylla ‘Cherry Cola’

DYckia platyphilia 'Cherry Cola'

If you have a sweet tooth for mean plants, have we ever got a treat for you! Wicked spines line the edges of the long leaves of this lusciously dark-foliaged terrestrial bromeliad. Bold racemes of candy corn orange flowers appear in early-mid Summer & are as high as 5’, but the plants are variable, so some might be shorter. Takes heat & drought like a boss & full sun will only give you better color in the leaves. Deer are no match. Clay soil? Okay, maybe not clay soil. It can take it, but a raised bed with decent drainage is a better plan. Each rosette can grow up to 2’ wide & suckers at the base will eventually form a many headed, much blooming stand. Our 5 year old plant is 3-4’ wide. From Brazil.

Claire Woods

Dyckia platyphilla 'Cherry Cola' Dyckia platyphilla 'Cherry Cola'


Avg/Low Water
drought tolerant deer resistant

USDA Zones 9b-11