Ferraria schaeferi
‘Dark Chocolate’

Ferraria schaeferi Dark Chocolate Ferraria schaeferi Dark Chocolate

If you like super freaky plants AND dessert, this plant is your new holy grail. Admittedly, some people think this dashing Iris relative’s curious blooms smell less like rich vanilla custard and more like something’s gone awry with rich vanilla custard, but it’s a worthwhile gamble. As far as I’m concerned, Ferrarias smell AMAAAAZING. This one has deep chocolaty maroon color around a creamy white center, with ruffled edging the shade of milk chocolate. Ferrarias grow EASILY here in our mild Mediterranean climate, increasing rapidly every year and giving you many tubers to spread the joy around. Well draining soil and a dry Summer rest is advised, though Ferrarias are less fussy than many Winter rainfall adapted South African bulbs. Each 1.5” flower lasts only a day and bloom season lasts a few weeks in Spring when the plants are tallest in their growth – around 1’ high.

Full Sun/Pt. Sun
Low/Avg. Water

Perennial Bulb
USDA Zones 8-11
drought tolerant