Dudleya palmeri

Dudleya palmeri Dudleya palmer

Hard to find, VERY EASY to grow and a perfectly low maintenance CA native succulent you can use as a dry/rock  garden edger or a neat container plant that you won't have to water often! I love the fun, candy-stripe, rosy-tangerine blooms – up to 30 in a cluster – that burst out May thru July atop sturdy, rosy-pink stems studded with small, mauve-rose leaves. Fresh green, 6-8” "pupping" rosettes, too. Native to coastal CA from Monterey to LA., just provide good drainage, a little fertilizer yearly and once or twice a month watering in Summer for best appearance (though it will survive without).


Sun(coast)/Pt. Sun
Low/No Summer Water

CA Native
Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 9-10