Phaseolus coccineus
“Scarlet Runner Bean”

Phaseolus coccineus “Scarlet Runner Bean”  

photo:H. Zell

Quite a looker for a bean! By far the most ornamental of edible beans, 1” fiery red-orange flowers bloom in clusters & make a spicy pairing with the fresh green foliage. Growing from 10-15’ in a season, the beans are best when picked very young & (IMPORTANT!) they MUST BE cooked before you eat them. “Scarlet Runner Beans” also just happen to be one of the highest producing beans you can grow. If you leave the pods to mature, you can save & store the seeds for future crops or cook them like you would any dry bean. Most grow it as an annual, but it’s actually perennial in very mild climates. Full sun, rich soil & support to climb on are what it needs.

Claire Woods

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