Dahlia campanulata
“Weeping Tree Dahlia” 

Dahlia campanulata “Weeping Tree Dahlia” 

Here we see the rare unicorn of Dahlias – Dahlia campanulata. Seldom seen in gardens, this mythical beast is a modestly sized (8-10’ tall & 3’ wide) FALL BLOOMING “tree dahlia” with, bar none, the most magical floral display of any Dahlia I’ve ever seen. Each 7” bloom hangs its head down, from the side the blooms look like an array of octopi. Duck underneath to see the glowing cerise petal bases that surround each flower’s warm yellow central disk. The span of the blooming panicle can reach over 3’ & usually approaches maximum amazingness in early November. As a cloud forest plant (from high elevations in Mexico), it’s accustomed to cool days and not-too-cold nights. In warmer areas, consider it a noble experiment! After blooming, feel free to cut the plant all the way to the ground. New canes will appear in the Spring. Like Dahlia imperialis, this one may require staking. Plant it somewhere protected from harsh wind.

Claire Woods

Avg. Water

USDA Zones 9-11