‘Cosmic Pink Swirl’

Dianthus ‘Pink Cosmic Swirl’

Shamelessly girly-twirly!  It’s wonderful to know there are others in the world who adore variegated, “flaked” & “flecked” heirloom style double Dianthus! We have New Zealand breeder extraordinaire (and dapper gent!) Keith Hammett to thank for this delightful new introduction. Reminding me of old fashioned peppermint candies, you get lots of semi-double, light pink blooms festooned with bright pink streaks & swirls all Spring & longer if you deadhead. Lightly scented, grow it in the front of your bed or a container at least 12” across. Rich well drained soil for best show & side-dress with 1” of compost in early Spring. Cut back severely in Winter for perfect renewal next Spring. To 12”x 12”.

Avg/Low Water

USDA Zones 6-10