Sidalcea calycosa ssp. rhizomata
“Pt. Reyes Checkerbloom”

Sidalcea calycosa ssp. rhizomata “Pt. Reyes Checkerbloom” 

Totally versatile, this extremely rare California native is the perfect groundcover for moist spots. Typically found growing in coastal marshes & fresh water wetland areas from Pt. Reyes north to Mendocino, it’s surprisingly drought tolerant & adaptable. Darling pink 1.5” blooms occur May through July, accompanied by rounded, glossy leaves with scalloped margins. A low & vigorous grower, it quickly spreads via stolons in moist conditions.  In full sun & with low water, it may go partially dormant in late-Summer. Terrific as the spiller in a container! To 6-12” tall.

Plant Nerd

Sun/Pt. Shade
Moist/Low Water

drought tolerant

Perennial Groundcover
USDA Zones 9-11