Echeveria amoena 

Echeveria amoena Echeveria amoena
photo (left) Far Out Flora

Easily one of the cutest darn succulents around, E. amoena is one of my favorites in the genus and I grow tons of them. Its itsy bitsy blue-grey rosettes tinged with pink (in part shade) are a wee 2” wide and 1” high, forming a little colony of cuteness (mine’s about 1.5’ wide after a year or so). Super simple to grow, I’ve been able to propagate these cuties from my main village of rosettes with no problem and now have them tucked all over the place in my garden. Stunning in containers, mixed up with other succulent friends. In late Spring they bust out with lantern like apricot blooms on red stems for a show that lasts at least a month. Good drainage is the key to happiness.

Sun/Pt. Shade
Avg/Low Water

Perennial Succulent
USDA Zones 9b-11