Dierama mossii

Dierama mossii 

Sublime & so EASY, this petite (2-3’ high & wide) Dierama is excellent for smaller spaces. Blooming in Spring on delicate stems, with fairy princess pink pendulous bells, it’s delightful arching over the edge of a bed or in a good sized container (5 gallons & up). This Dierama hails from the South Eastern Cape of South Africa where it’s found in marshes & next to streambanks, so it likes more moisture than your average “Fairy Wand”. Once established it will tolerate more droughty conditions. Evergreen & needing only occasional grooming (just pull the spent leaves & cut down faded flower stems & top dress annually when the plants are in growth.) Especially heavy soils should be amended for drainage.

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Moist/Avg Water

deer resistant

USDA Zones 7-10