Yucca baccata 
“Banana Yucca”

Yucca baccata “Banana Yucca” Yucca baccata “Banana Yucca”

photo: (left) Stan Shebs (right) Johnida Dockens

Ya gotta love nearly indestructible Yuccas. They’re deer resistant, drought tolerant, deal well with dry heat & on top of all that, this one rewards the garden every Spring with a big honking 3-4’ tall creamy white flower that pollinators love. It can be variable but most often has grey-blue, narrow & sharply pointed leaves 20-40” long, forming a slow growing rosette to 4’ wide & 4’ tall.   Named for its 4-6” long banana shaped edible fruits that reportedly taste like sweet potatoes when baked, natives have used it for centuries as a food source & the leaves for basketry. Native to AZ, CA, CO, NM, NV, TX & UT, it’s best adapted to low humidity climates & can take temps as cold as 20 below F. The perfect sculptural addition to any dry garden!

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Low Water
drought tolerant deer resistant

USDA Zones 5b-11