Fig ‘Black Jack’

Fig ‘Black Jack’ Fig ‘Black Jack’

 photo:(right)Four Winds Growers

The figs traditionally grown in California were initially brought from the Middle East to the West Indies by Spanish & Portuguese missionaries. Franciscan missionaries brought it to Mexico & then to California - first mentioned at the Mission San Diego in 1769. It was then taken by the monks to the other Missions. The fig they disseminated is now known as the “Black Mission Fig” & 'Black Jack' is supposedly a seedling of 'Black Mission'. 'Black Mission' is BIG, but 'Black Jack' stays smaller & is better suited to pot culture where it can be kept to 6'. The figs are large & black with pink flesh. Very tasty, it produces well for me in Richmond.. The June crop is light (but oh, so tasty) & the main crop is in the Fall. Fig leaves are also very useful for wrapping foods for baking. Very good with salmon!  SUNSET Zones 4-9, 12-24.

Anni J

Avg./Low Water

Deciduous Tree
USDA Zones 8-10