Achillea millefolium
‘Sonoma Coast’
“White Yarrow”

We first saw this very compact selection at the Melissa Gardens in Sonoma, and we were instantly charmed. It was compact without having lost it natural grace, just very tight and crisp looking. We learned that it was a Sonoma Coast selection of our regular yarrow, obvious very adapted to ducking its head under windy coastal conditions. However, here it was also thriving in the hot inland sun. We had to have it! And now you can too. It grows to 1’ tall and 2’ wide and it blooms with creamy white umbels of flowers early summer through fall. Very easy to grow and even deer resistant, yet very popular with all sorts of beneficial insects. While drought tolerant, it looks a little better with a little additional water (or some afternoon shade). Low maintenance:  just cut the flowers back when done and divide with the clumps get crowded.

Full Sun
Avg/Low Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA Zones 5-10