Zauschneria septentrionalis
‘Wayne’s Silver’

Zauschneria septentrionalis Waynes Silver Zauschneria septentrionalis Waynes Silver

Precious platinum foliage and loud, flashy crimson trumpets make a stunning show through Summer and late into Fall. How can you not love our native Zauschnerias/Epilobiums? Honestly, I don’t care what they’re called, just keep that color coming. To 1’ high and 1-3’ wide, ‘Wayne’s Silver’ is an excellent choice for the dry border or parking strip, large pots and definitely and most importantly, anywhere you’d like to sit and watch your dear hummingbird neighbors stage turf wars. Compared to other “California Fuchsias” you might know, this one is more compact and less rampant in growth, but it’s still rugged and reliable. An occasional deep soak will keep this plant in primo shape. Dormant and deciduous in Winter months, it emerges green-leaved and fresh in the Spring and quickly develops its characteristic (and fantastic) metallic sheen.

Full Sun
Low/Avg. Water

CA Native Perennial
USDA Zones 9b-11