Echium amoenum 
"Red Feathers"

Echium amoenum "Red Feathers"

A CLAY TOLERANT, super easy, cute-as-a-button Echium for those of you in colder climates is finally here! Thriving on total neglect, this adorable little drought tolerant clumper only grows to 10-16” high & 6-8” wide. Perfect for tucking into to little nooks & crannies anywhere in the garden. Bees & butterflies adore the feathery, red, 16” flower spikes which first appear in Spring & with deadheading continue to bloom all the way through Fall. Word on the street is that it may be a short lived perennial, so leave a few flower spikes intact at the end of the season for some reseeding action. Tidy little tufts of lance shaped green basal leaves. A native to the Caucasus Mountains in a small section of northern Iran, we’d like to give a big shout out to the collaboration between Colorado State University and Denver Botanic Gardens for finding this gem.

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Sun/Pt. Sun
Avg/Low Water

USDA Zones 4-10

deer resistant drought tolerant