Hakea laurina
“Pincushion Tree”

Hakea laurina “Pincushion Tree” 

Tougher than your average Proteaceae family member, Hakea laurina is hard core & great for coastal gardens in need of a little Winter bloomage. Poofy, round 2” pincushion blooms begin in Fall & keep going until Spring. These magical poof balls begin a creamy white, with scaly bracts before exploding into a magenta ball with projectile white styles shooting out. Hummers love em’ & they make great long lasting cut flowers, too! Growing to 10-20’ high & 9-30’ wide in a dense rounded form, it can be pruned in to a single trunk tree if ya want, or kept shrubby. Pretty evergreen blue green leaves & smooth grey bark make it the perfect addition to any well drained location. Native to Southwest Australia’s coastal sandplains, so poor soil is just fine.  Avoid feeding your plants anything with phosphorus, as this is a sure fire way to kill the plant.

Plant Nerd


Full Sun/Pt.Shade
Avg/Low Water

Shrub/Small Tree
USDA Zones 9-11