‘Tasty Jade’ F1

Cucumber ‘Tasty Jade’ F1

One of the best Asian type cucumbers on the market & certainly the best ever in my garden. ‘Tasty Jade’ is slender, 12” long, light green & thin skinned - very crisp & bitter as well as burp free. It has female flowers only & sets fruit without pollination. The resulting cucumbers remain free of seed unless the flowers get pollinated by a different cucumber variety. It is also resistant to the scourge of cucurbits: powdery mildew. Thus it remains healthy and produces cucumbers for much longer than traditional varieties. Prepare a garden bed in full sun with a lot of compost. Plant the seedlings gently, taking care to avoid disturbing the roots. Then keep them moist, but not soggy. Trellising is highly recommended to keep the cucumbers uniformly straight & also makes it much easier to spot cucumbers that are ready to eat.

Anni J


Full Sun
Avg. Water

All USDA Zones