Canarina canariensis
“Canary Bellflower”

Canarina canariensis Canary Bellflower Canarina canariensis Canary Bellflower

This crazy AWESOME and rare plant produces beautiful 3” long orangey-red bells that bloom all Winter, followed by walnut sized tasty orange fruits! Endemic to the cloud forests of the Canary Islands, this Winter thriller wakes from its Summer slumber in Fall. Purple shoots appear, growing into 6-10’ branching vines covered with toothy lance shaped leaves. Allow it to scramble along the ground, through other plants, or coax it up a trellis for some vertical action. Perfect for coastal California where it doesn’t get too hot or cold. Thrives in rich soil and can even be grown in a 5 gallon container. Protect from frost and extreme heat. Keep moist during the growing season, and relatively dry when dormant.

Plant Nerd

Pt. Sun/Pt. Shade
Avg./Low Water

Perennial Edible Vine
USDA Zones 9b-11