Phacelia campanularia
“Desert Canterbury Bells”

Rarely do we gardeners get to feast our eyes on such vivid, gentian blue eye-candy! Our beloved CA “Desert Bells” really puts out, with a bubbling caboodle of delightful 1.25”, vibrant blue, upward facing bells held atop branchy red stems in Spring. With appealing, low, blue-green, clumping foliage and a tidy 14” x 14” silhouette, it’s best displayed (and happiest) at the edge of the bed. We loved it last year combined with fellow CA natives Camissonia bistorta "Sunflakes” and ‘Red Chief’ CA Poppy. Adored by bumblebees! Provide good drainage, self-sows.

*Phacelias can cause dermatitis to folks sensitive to their fine hairs. If so, wear gloves and long sleeves when handling.



Full Sun
Low/Avg. Water

All Zones