Book - Wicked Plants

Wicked Plants

A peepshow into the garden’s dark side!  

You think you know the plants in your garden, but how well do you know them *reeeeally*? Moreover, how can you be sure that they aren’t out to do you in? Amy Stewart’s humorous and spine chilling book of “botanical atrocities” is rife with cautionary tales of relationships betwixt man and plant gone terribly awry. From strange exotics like the “Stinging Tree” Dendrocnide moroides (simple contact with the plant causes painful effects that could linger for up to a year) - to common plants you only thought that you knew (Rhubarb stems are delicious but the leaves, in rare cases, can put you in a coma. Sago Palm, the common houseplant? Highly poisonous in all parts. EEK!). "Wicked Plants” gives us a healthy dose of knowledge to help us respect plants with wicked potential and delights us with titillating tales straight from of the tabloids. Death! Drugs! Drama! Not to mention the book itself - beguilingly packaged to look neatly like an ancient tome on the occult, it begs to be pulled down off the top shelf and read through in secret. Its pages also include copper etchings of featured plants that are terribly lovely.

WATCH Amy’s amusingly sinister video for
“Wicked Plants.”

Claire Woods