Protea susannae
“Stinkleaf Sugarbush”
Protea susannae “Stinkleaf Sugarbush”

photo:farm 215 fynbos reserve 

A VERY special treat for coastal gardeners! Fast growing, robust & easy (given the appropriate sandy soil), Protea susannae flowers through the Winter months with large, reddish brown to suffuse rose flower heads of hefty size - around 4” each. The foliage starts downy, but matures to a leathery grey-green. The crushed leaves smell sulphur-ey, which gives this magnificent shrub its stinky common name. For those of us living in the land of clay, grow this beauty in a super sized pot, or amend your soil generously with rotted pine needles & garden compost (no phosphorous!) Plant on a raised mound to encourage excellent drainage. Height at maturity can be 6-9’, with a slightly broader spread.

Claire Woods

 Low/Avg. Water  

USDA Zones 8b-11