Ribes sanguineum
"Pink Flowering Currant"

Ribes sanguineum Claremont Pink Flowering Currant

An absolute “must-have” for almost any garden! Ribes ‘Claremont’ bursts into glorious, mouth-watering display beginning in February and lasting thru April. Remarkably large 4-6” flower clusters dangle like richly colored lanterns with their rosy-red and pink tubular flowers adored by hummers, especially so early in the season. To 8’ tall and 4’ across, with a pleasant vase shaped habit and handsome maple-like leaves, it can be pruned back to 4’ tall between May and September. VERY adaptable to drought and CLAY, it thrives in rich garden soil. Side dress with compost in Fall for best show. Birdies love the small blue-black berries in Summer

Ribes sanguineum Claremont Pink Flowering Currant


Lt.Shade/Sun(on coast)
Low/No Summer Water

CA Native Deciduous Shrub
USDA Zones 6-10