Yucca rigida
“Blue yucca” 

Yucca rigida “Blue yucca”  Yucca rigida “Blue yucca” 

photos: Stan Shebs

Possibly the prettiest of all Yuccas! With its distinctive powder blue leaves, dramatic silhouette & architectural fabulosity “Blue Yucca” is a designer’s “must have”.  Creating a ground hugging spiky sphere of silvery blueness, with age it develops a stout, minimally branching, shaggy trunk to 12’ tall, with leaves 1” wide & 3’ long sporting a nasty hook at the tip. With some maturity, a beautiful 5’ -6’ stalk of creamy white bell flowers appear atop the foliage. Provide well drained soil & a bit of supplemental Summer water for best show. Architecturally awesome in a good sized container. Hardy to 5-10°F!

Sun-Pt. Shade(hot areas)
Low-No Summer Water

USDA Zones 7-10