Cuphea nelsonii
‘Wine Red’

Cuphea nelsonii ‘Wine Red’
Cuphea nelsonii ‘Wine Red’

Quite the handsome mouse-eared fellow, this cloud forest plant thrives in our coastal California clime. Making a dense, dark green shrub - its stems & leaves are accented by velvety looking red hairs. Grows to 1’ high & 3’ wide with a semi-trailing habit that makes it perfect for the edges of a shady bed. All Summer long it produces an abundance of 1” long bright red mouse-eared flowers adored by hummingbirds. Can go a little bit dry, but prefers average water & looks best with a rich, loamy soil. Happiest in a bright but shady nook.

Claire Woods

Reg/Avg Water 

USDA Zones 9-10