Papaver rhoeas ‘Bridal Silk’

 Papaver rhoeas ‘Bridal Silk’

Lovers of white flowers, rejoice! Glistening white, silky petals accented with a yellow boss of stamens are stunning in their simple purity. The Flanders poppy has always had a few whites among the flaming reds but not until recently has the white color form been separated out and made available to gardeners. We have found it to be quite stable in color with the occasional speckled flower, invariably very attractive. To only 1.5-2’ tall and 18” wide, it is much easier to site than the wild form and staking is not required. Plant ‘Bridal Silk’ in full sun, 8” apart.  As a cool weather annual, it will bloom for several months through Spring, especially if you cut off spent flowers. All poppies make excellent cut flowers if you singe the stem end before placing it in water. Will self-sow but may change color if grown near other color forms of P. rhoeas.

Poppy Fans - as cool season growers, Papavers should be planted only when extreme heat or extreme cold is not anticipated.

Anni J.

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