Eucomis pallidiflora
“Giant Pineapple Lily”

Eucomis pallidiflora "Giant Pineapple Lily"

The most GINORMOUS Pineapple Lily around! Easy to grow, it reaches spectacular sizes with up to 6’ tall flower spikes & 3’ long, succulent green, wavy-edged leaves. To top it off, a mop of green bracts sits on the bloom, resembling a wacky pineapple. Splendid spectacle for a large container! Blooming begins in Summer with creamy white flowers. Chartreuse seedpods that continue to wow the crowds through late Fall.  Prefers full sun, but can deal with a little shade. This South Africa giant prefers well-drained, mulched soil & likes to stay dry in the Winter.

Plant Nerd

Sun- Lt. Shade
Average Water 

USDA Zones 8a-10b