‘Zefa Fino’

Fennel 'Zefa Fino' Fennel 'Zefa Fino'
Photo courtesy of Viveka (left)

A Florentine fennel that stays small and tender, resists bolting and has a multitude of culinary uses! Use the lacy leaves instead of dill and the green stems instead of anise. The bulb makes a delightful soup – or you can eat it raw for a spicy treat. Its uses are diverse and delightful; it’s SUPER EASY to grow; and it’s a host plant for butterflies (esp. swallowtails)! You must give it a try if you haven’t already! Grows to a compact 24” tall and 1’ wide. Plant in rich soil loamy with regular water for best bulb production – will tolerate clay but may not form a good-sized bulb until year 2. 80-85 days to maturity.

Full Sun 
Avg./Low Water

USDA Zones 9-10
(annual elsewhere)