Dahlia ‘Lotus’ 

Dahlia 'Lotus'

We received this very rare Dahlia as a cherished gift from Barbara Whorl (of Rosa ‘Grandmother’s Hat’ fame). It’s also a favorite of the founder of French Intensive gardening, Alan Chadwick.  Belonging to the water lily group of Dahlias, the flowers of ‘Lotus’ do indeed look like luminous lotus flowers.  They are delicately proportioned (6” wide), pink with a flush of yellow in the center & make gorgeous cut flowers for Summer & Fall bouquets (place stems in 2-3” of hot water and let sit for several hours before arranging).  Easy in the garden, it only requires a little deadheading to look fresh. May grow 4-6’ tall, but can be kept shorter by pinching. Plant in good garden soil, keep well watered & in good light (shade or water stress can lead to mildew). Cut to the ground in late Fall when it goes dormant & it will come back from underground tubers in the late Spring. If you are in USDA zones below 8, you must dig up tubers and store in a cool well-ventilated place.

Anni J


Full Sun 
 Avg. Water  

USDA Zones 8-10