Lettuce 'Provencal
Winter Mix' 

Lettuce 'Provincial Winter Mix'

Mesclun is a mix of tasty young lettuces with piquant greens & by now, many different mixes are available to the gardener. The Provincial mix combines three colorful lettuces with arugula, mache, radicchio, batavian endive, chervil & parsley. Plant in a well-fertillized, watered bed. Start thinning when the seedlings are 1-2” tall - you can use sharp-pointed scissors & use the thinnings in a salad. If some plants are growing much faster than the rest, cut them back to 1-2” above the soil. When the leaves are 4-5” tall, cut them off with scissors & enjoy your salad. Fertilize lightly after cutting back (fish emulsion is good) & the plants will be ready for a harvest again in 1-2 weeks.

Anni J.

Full Sun/Pt. Shade
Average Water 

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