Sedum spathulifolium

Sedum spathulifolium Sedum spathulifolium

photo: (left) copyright Ron Wolf

Super sturdy Sedum spathulifolium tolerates heat, humidity, drought, wind, coastal conditions & clay soil.  Even deer & bunnies won’t mess with it. Got seasonal flooding? It can handle that too! California Academy of Sciences planted this tough as nails succulent on their green roof.  The endangered San Bruno Elfin Butterfly utilizes Sedum spathulifolium as a larval food plant. Native to California’s Coastal Range north to British Columbia, it is a durable evergreen groundcover, roofcover, or addition to a rock garden. Small (.5-1”) succulent, spoon shaped blue/green leaves form rosettes on short, trailing stems growing 4”high & spreading 2’ wide. May through July it explodes with bright yellow flowers. Water sparingly in Summer.

Sun-Pt. Shade


Low-No Summer Water

USDA Zones 4-10