Retama raetam 

Retama raetam Retama raetam

Glorious and fragrant in bloom, this exceptionally rare evergreen drought tolerant shrub is also supremely easy to grow! Reaching 6’-8’ tall and wide within 2 years, it forms elegant arching branches of weeping stems bearing small linear grey-green foliage. The excitement begins in Spring (lasting for 2 months)  when it bursts into a massive frothy profusion of pure white 1 inch “pea” flowers emanating a powerfully sweet honey perfume! Deer resistant and tolerant of even extreme-heat-no-Summer water desert conditions (Summer leaf drop if so grown) it makes an admirable specimen shrub for dry or dryish well drained gardens. Our Retama at the nursery received regular water and a bit of compost in the Spring, so we know it likes that too! Attracts butterflies and makes wonderful cut flowers.
Full Sun

Avg./No Summer Water

USDA Zones 9-10