Brachychiton discolor
“Pink Flame Tree” “Lacebark Tree”

Brachychiton discolor"Pink Flame Tree" "Lacebark Tree" Brachychiton discolor"Pink Flame Tree" "Lacebark Tree"

close up photo:TarsierMan

Breathtaking in bloom this Australian native is one of the most spectacular trees you can grow in USDA Zones 9a-11. Shedding its leaves in Summer, magnificent (3.5” long and across) deep pink & velvety flaring bell shaped flowers held in clusters produce a heart stopping show on bare branches for weeks. As the rains return, so do large smooth lobed leaves. Formal & distinguished in habit with a stout & tapering trunk, it will reach 15’-18’ tall with a matching size crown in 10 years & can reach 25’ at maturity. Hardy to the low 20’s F (less frost sensitive than the more commonly known “Flame Tree” B. acerifolius) it has a compact root system & makes an excellent street tree. Drought tolerant, disease & pest free & good in a container. How cool is that?? More fun: the buds & boat shaped seed pods are covered in a golden amber felty fuzz. Not fussy about soil, provide regular water until well established or mulch to retain moisture.


drought tolerant
Avg.-No Summer Water

USDA Zones 9a-11