A queen among cut flowers! With gratitude to the gracious customer who gifted us with divisions, we’re happy to introduce this tall, bright red Alstroemeria! STRONG stems to 2’ or more, perfect for cutting and big 3” blooms in clusters make a big impact in the garden and in bouquets. Each flower is fruit punch red with splotches of golden yellow and a smattering of black tiger stripes. To maintain, simply pull bloomed-out stems off at ground level as needed, or cut the entire plant to the ground and top dress with compost. Plants reach about 2’ high forming a 3’ wide patch, but be aware, these plants WILL SPREAD so if you’re tight on space plant it in a large container. Makes some of the longest lasting and showiest cut flowers to be had! Blooms on and off year round but heaviest in Spring. We’re uncertain if this plant has an honest cultivar name – if you recognize it, let us know!


Sun/Pt. Shade
Avg./Low Water

USDA zones 8-10