Snow Pea
'Carouby de Mousanne'

Pea 'Carouby de Mousanne' "Snow Pea" Pea 'Carouby de Mousanne' "Snow Pea"

The original French mange tout (eat all) sugar pea. It is a snow pea type with an edible pod, but unlike the Asian kinds, the pods still taste good & sweet after the peas start to swell. The pods do not go fibrous either. Provide a 6’ trellis for it to grow on. Good heat tolerance & is resistant to mildew. Like most peas, it prefers cool weather (around 60°F) & if it get established in the Fall, it will grow & produce well during the Winter. As a plus, it has attractive bicolor blooms in purple tones - as pretty as any sweet pea you’ve ever seen.                 

Anni J

Average Water

Annual Vegetable Vine
60 days to maturity
All USDA Zones