Ugni molinae
“Chilean Guava”

Ugni molinae Chilean Guava Ugni molinae Chilean Guava
Photos by Peganum

A must-have plant of myriad virtues! Handsome, densely leafy, forest green foliage with bronzy new growth sets the stage for exquisitely fragrant tiny white bell shaped flowers in Spring. These mature to deep red fruits that are beautiful and uniquely tasty. When picked early they have a bit of a pine flavor (still good!) but allow them to stay on the bush into Fall and they become even more delicious and strawberry-esque. Reportedly, the fruit was Queen Victoria’s favorite and makes a divine jam. Grows from 1-6’ tall and 1-3’ wide – pruning will decide its ultimate shape, so really it’s up to you. Not the fastest grower, but beautiful even while small and totally pest free. Easy in a large container, or as in informal (or even formal!) hedge. The leaves are also used as tea and roasted seeds can be used as a coffee substitute.

Sun/Pt. Shade
Low/Avg Water

Perennial Edible Shrub
USDA Zones 8-10