Rojasianthe superba
“Giant White Sunflower Tree”Rojasianthe superba “Giant White Sunflower Tree”

photo: J.G. in S.F.

Absolutely astonishing in bloom! From the highlands of Guatemala & S. Mexico comes this extremely rare evergreen Sunflower tree. In its native habitat it grows to 20’ tall though here in the Bay Area we’ve not seen it reach more than 10’. And just so handsome- with large 6” tropicalesque leaves held on strong upright bamboo-like branching stems. You get a good long show of blooms lasting from Feb.-May.  Who wouldn’t love these amazing flowers - 2” across, clear white with a gorgeous raised black center encircled by a lime green ring. Lightly fragrant, too! Best grown in cool coastal areas where temps don’t rise much above 80°F with bright/filtered shade or AM sun. Provide rich soil & regular water. Can be grown indoors in a container. Thanks goes out to Don Mahoney & Strybing Arboretum for sharing with us this rare gem!

Claire Woods

Rojasianthe superba “Giant White Sunflower Tree”
Brt.Shade-A.M. Sun
Avg. Water-Moist

USDA Zones 9b-10