Cilantro ‘Calypso’


photo: Michael Lehet

This bolt resistant Cilantro has the signature flavor that you either love - no apologies offered - or you don’t.  Irreplaceable for Asian & Mexican food, ‘Calypso’ is much easier to grow in the garden than most other varieties. Going to seed without producing much in terms of greens was the downfall of earlier varieties, but ‘Calypso’ is indeed much more bolt resistant. Nonetheless, it's best grown during the cool season & if you want Cilantro with your tomatoes during the Summer, plant the seedlings 6-8” apart in a shady area & take care when transplanting. Be prepared to replant regularly since Cilantro is an annual & will mature to seeds 2-3 months even under the best of conditions. It does well in good garden soil & should be kept lush & tasty with regular water.

Anni J.

Avg. Water

   All USDA Zones