(parritae x antioquiensis)
‘Mission Dolores’

What happens when you take one of the rarest and most desirable Passifloras in the world and cross it with another of the rarest and most desirable Passifloras in the world? You get this vine and believe me, YOU WANT THIS VINE. Bred by local patron saint of rare vines, Carlos Rendon, ‘Mission Dolores’ boasts 6-7” flowers of deep magenta infused with orange, with dramatic 18-24” long peduncles. DRAMARAMA! Much easier to grow and more vigorous than P. parritae, but still try to avoid too much cold and heat. Best grown where temps stay between 40 and 80° F. (sorry, inlanders.) Plant in a cool spot in the garden, making sure to give the roots shade. Some advise planting heat-sensitive Passifloras in the shade of a large shrub or small tree, so that as they climb they can moderate the amount of sun they get. Climbs to 20’ or more with leaves that are tri-lobed, thin and elegant, so the overall look is very spare - other than the flowers, which are anything but! Icing on the cake? The fruit is edible and VERY tasty! Provide rich, loose soil.

Claire Woods


Part Sun
Average Water

 USDA Zones 9b-10