Kniphofia multiflora
“Giant Poker”

Kniphofia multiflora “Giant Poker”
Kniphofia multiflora “Giant Poker”

“Giant Poker” is a descriptive & appropriate common name for this rare (& endangered!) S. African Kniphofia, but it lacks the impact of the plant itself. How about this, instead: “The Stupendous Gargantuan Flaming Spear-Poker.” Yes, I think that will do nicely. Each flowering spike makes a towering cylinder of blooms – 6’ in height or more. Flowers begin orange & fade to white. They emerge in the Fall, overtaking your interest in anything else. Kniphofia multiflora is found in wetland areas, but grows in regular garden conditions as well. Grow it in a slightly protected spot if you can, to provide a little insulation. Those huge, strappy leaves & towering flowers are vulnerable to the elements. Foliage grows to 3-4’ tall & can spread just as wide. Like all Kniphofias, hummingbirds love it & deer don’t. Winter deciduous.

Claire Woods



Reg.-Avg. Water

USDA Zones 7-10