Crassula alba var. parvisepala

Crassula alba parvisepala Crassula alba parvisepala

What a cool succulent! The green leaves are patterned with red spots & remind me of alien skin. Rosettes grow about 9” tall & 1’ wide & send up new clones to continually increase the size of extraterrestrial foliar fun. And with surprisingly pretty bouquet-like clusters of rosy-red flowers you’ll enjoy both the beauty & the beast on this succulent. Bloom clusters to about 9” wide in Summer. Native to the Drakensberg area of South Africa, best kept dry in Winter but does fine in a well-drained pot in Winter rain areas. Do provide some afternoon shade in hot climates but know that it does need some direct sun to bloom. Really striking & so easy!

Kelly Kilpatrick

Low-Avg. Water

USDA Zones 9-10