Aloe alooides
“Graskop Aloe”

Aloe alooides “Graskop Aloe” Aloe alooides “Graskop Aloe”

photos: Geoff Stein

Lovely, limpid leaves adorn this super cool Aloe tree. Making quite a specimen in any garden and reaching 6-8’ tall & 4-6’ wide, the green-blue leaves fall gracefully downward. The old leaves create a grass hula skirt or they can be cleaned off the trunk to accent the green tops. Do be careful about removing the leaves if you live in a hot climate, since bare Aloe tree trunks can sunburn in hot, hot sun. Beautiful upright 3’ flower spikes of green buds open to a nice bright yellow that matures to an orangey-brown. The nectar inside the flowers is loved by birds & bees. Blooms in Winter. Native to South Africa.

Kelly Kilpatrick

Full Sun
Low/No Summer Water

   USDA Zones 9b-10