Sauromatum venosum
“Voodoo Lily”

Sauromatum venosum “Voodoo Lily” Sauromatum venosum “Voodoo Lily”

flr photo: Francis Renaud fol photo: Sue Brown

Oooh...wickedly beautiful! You’ll not soon forget the unusual 1’ tall flower of this entrancing bulb. The long reddish-purple spadix is reminiscent of a bony finger pointing at you, casting a spell from the underworld. That devilish digit is surrounded by a flowing cape of mottled purple-black & green, mimicking the appearance of rotting flesh (& with an odor to match.) The foliage is a bit less occultish, each large leaf is supported on spotty stems & looks very tropical. Growing 3-4’ tall & 1-1.5’ wide, best grown in shady, moist situations. Look for the blooms in late Winter-early Spring. All plant parts are poisonous (would you expect anything less?). Can be grown indoors – if you dare!

Kelly Kilpatrick

Avg. Water-Moist

Perennial Bulb
USDA Zones 6-11