‘Magenta Sunset’ 

Chard Magenta Sunset Chard Magenta Sunset
Photo (right) by Catalina Castillo

Chard is one of the most productive and reliable of garden greens and the magnificent magenta coloration of this variety makes it a brilliant “cut and come again” addition to salads! If you grow it to full size (2') you can harvest leaves as you need them. It is best to pull the stems off without leaving stubs, or you can cut the whole plant down and it will quickly grow back. Steam or saute the leaves and use as you would Spinach. Chard is not fussy about soil but does appreciate organic matter and fertilizer. Plant 8” apart in sun or part shade. Chard planted in Fall will bolt in the Spring and should be replaced at that time – or allow to go to seed for future freebies!

Anni J.

Sun/Part Shade
Average water

 All USDA Zones