Salvia flava

Salvia flava Salvia flava

The foliage alone would be enough for me to grow this fantastic Salvia. Large, felty green leaves are heart-shaped & lush looking & grow up to 9” long. The foliage creates an eye-catching mound 2’ tall & 3’ wide. The texturally-bold leaves are complimented beautifully by fine-textured plants like grasses or dark leaved perennials like Trachelium ‘Hamer Pandora’. In Summer comes the icing on the cake – whorls of flowers loosely spaced on 3-4’ spikes. 1” yellow flowers, blushed with purple on the outside emerge from dark purple-brown calyxes. Best grown in well-drained soil, this deciduous perennial can be cut back in early Winter. Compost in early Spring for best show. We received seed for this Salvia under this name but admit it does look different than other S.flava. If you have any insights into the matter please let us know! Whatever it is, we love it!

Kelly Kilpatrick

Avg. Water

Deciduous Perennial
USDA Zones 7-11