Euphorbia obtusifolia ssp. obtusifolia

Whadda focal point! There’s nothing obtuse about this succulent-stemmed shrubby spurge. Quite simply, it is an awesome & appealing rare plant that hails from a place in the world that excels in strange & unusual things: the Canary Islands! Thin, grey-green leaves make a pleasant backdrop for the chartreuse flowers & the yellow to red seed pods that follow! Easily grown in free-draining dryish soil, it will attain 3-6’ in height & about as much width, depending on the culture & climate in which it develops. With age & proper care, it becomes almost tree like, with a symmetrical branching structure & grayish bark. This would be an excellent specimen for a key spot in the dry garden, or for a large pot. Makes an intriguing bonsai! Like all Euphorbias, the sap of this plant can be TOXIC to varying degrees. Be sure to protect your eyes, skin & NEVER ingest!

Claire Woods

Full Sun
Low-No Water 

USDA Zones 9b-10