Iris douglasiana
‘Grisso’s Fancy’

Iris douglasiana‘Grisso’s Fancy’

Blue, blue & more blue! ‘Grisso’s Fancy’ combines light blue banners with darker blue falls that are marbled with even darker blue feathering. The throats are highlighted with white & yellow to really set of the color combo. Gorgeous! Bred by our local friend Ryan Grisso, Iris hybridizer extraordinaire, this variety is selected for its well-developed coloring. Each bloom is 4-5” wide & will bloom in Spring. The clump of glossy green foliage will get to be about 1’ tall & 3-4’ wide. Native to CA, these Irises can deal with no Summer water once established & grow well under Oaks. Provide good drainage & once you’ve got a good sized clump, you can divide it in December & share with friends. Provide more shade inland, especially if growing in low-water situations. 

Kelly Kilpatrick

Avg.-No Summer Water

USDA Zones 7-10