“Hollyhock” Alcea taurica

“Hollyhock” Alcea taurica “Hollyhock” Alcea taurica

Did someone say perennial, disease resistant Hollyhock?? You know we’re in! We’re loving this medium-height species! Sometimes seen listed as a synonym for Alcea rugosa, A.taurica stands 5’ at the most & so far the garden plants we’ve grown have been more like 3’ tall & wide. Plants are far more disease resistant than the common garden hybrids of Alcea rosea & are very floriferous – bearing many spikes of 4” icy lemon blooms all through Summer! Foliage is rough & slightly olive-gray. After bloom, simply cut the plant down to the ground & once a year side dress with compost for best appearance & vigor. Alcea taurica is endemic to Crimea, on the northern coast of the Black Sea.

Claire Woods

Avg-Low Water

USDA Zones 3-10