Digitalis obscura
"Sunset Foxglove"

Digitalis obscura"Sunset Foxglove"

When you think “Digitalis” you probably aren't thinking about this species. After all, this plant is a sun loving, heat loving, drought tolerant shrub with rusty orangey red flowers. Not your average Foxglove! Once you're acquainted with this unusual and (if I do say so myself) delightful species, you're bound to want one of your own! Thin, evergreen leaves are topped with many stems of many hued bells through the Summer months. The colors are a mix of rustic sunset shades – primrose yellow with orange, red and maroon. The habit is shrubby but petite – under 2' x 2' – and the plant prefers a sunny exposure but can tolerate a bit of shade. Make sure not to plant it in too rich soil and try not to overwater! (Ha ha – we know it's a lot to ask!) From Spain.


Low-Avg. Water

USDA zones 4-10